CPMAware - Organic CPM!
1. Why is my balance decreased?
Sometimes balance raises or decreases (after manual earning checking). This will only happen if we can see that your traffic is illegal.

2. How much do i need to earn to get paid?
You have to earn $5 promoting balance or $2 affiliate balance to request cashout.

3. How long must i wait for my payment?
If your traffic is legit, you will be paid NET15. That means max 1/2 month.

4. How can i get paid?
We are paying by PayPal.com - Safe even fast way to pay.

5. How many active accounts can I have?
You can have only one account per 1 IP address. Before you create new, you have to delete the previous.

6. Can I earn by referring other users?
You will earn 10% amount of money, that your downline get paid.

7. What is the eCPM?
eCPM changes very often. You can check the current eCPM on front page.

8. Do you accept proxy websites?
You are allowed to place our banners on proxy website. AS LONG as the traffic did NOT come by proxy.

9. How many banners may I place per page?
You are allowed to place 3 ad per page.


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