CPMAware - Organic CPM!

1) Introduction and main terms

1.1) By clicking Register you agree with all content of our Terms of Service (TOS).
1.2) TOS can be changed every time without any warning, but we may warn you by e-mail.
1.3) You are automatically agreeing our TOS by having an active account. If you disagree, you have to login to your account and remove your account without requesting payment.

2) Registration and activity

2.1) You are only allowed to have 1 account.
2.2) Your e-mail must be active; We will send updates and very important information regarding your account
2.3) Every attempt to cheat, botting, hacking or other illegal fraud activities will get your account banned right away.
2.4) Every attempt to hide your real IP (proxy, anonymizers) will automatically ban your account.

3) Publishers' Terms of Service

3.1) You are not allowed to place our ads on any illegal, warez, porn or fraud websites.
3.2) You will not receive any money, if your CTR is to low, so do not hide ads.
3.3) You are not allowed to place ads near something that can make the users misunderstand the banner.
3.4) Do not use any autoclicking, autoviewing, autosurfing bots/scripts, autorefreshing meta tags, scripts or software. It is illegal and belongs under TOS point 2.3.
3.5) You are allowed to place 3 ad tags per page.
3.6) You are not allowed to place ads on low quality websites or iframes.
3.7) You are not allowed to change our ad codes in ANY way.
3.8) If your website uses our code, you are NOT allowed to be active in any autosurf/autohits network or any other form of network that will force "non-live" users to see our ads.
3.9) You need to have CTR over 0.10%

4) Advertisers' Terms of Service

4.1) You are not allowed to advertise any illegal, warez, porn or fraud websites.
4.2) You can't stop or pause any started campaign or request refund.

5) Affiliates' Terms of Service

5.1) An user will become your referral as soon the user have clicked the register button. (Only if he used your referral link.)
5.2) You will earn 10% of all the earnings your referrals get paid.
5.3) Your referrals E-Mails are hidden.
5.4) You can not sign up under your own referral link. See more under TOS point 2.1
5.5) New users can signup for free without needing referral upline.

7) OrganicCPM verified definition

7.1) OrganicCPM verified is not a premium. It is privilege to trust able users.
7.2) To become verified you do not have to pay anything.
7.3) You can't buy verified status.
7.4) To become verified, you have to be registered at least 25 days at OrganicCPM.com, have at least 100,000 accepted views and at least one accepted payout. You need to have UNVERIFIED account status. You need to have verified your activation e-mail and not be suspended. You can only be verified if you haven't broken any term, especially 2.1, 2.3 and terms that belongs under them (3.4 etc). You can only be verified if you did not break any of the 3.X terms.
7.5) You can still be suspended or banned even if you are verified.

8) Real money conversion

8.1) We are paying NET15 (Every 1/2 month).
8.2) Every payment could be canceled without warning, with or without returning money into balance.
8.3) Minimum cashout is defined in FAQ section and it is dynamic.
8.4) Cashout processing time
8.4.1) OrganicCPM Verified users are paid usually 10 days after request.
8.4.2) OrganicCPM pays normal users every NET15, but we MAY hold your payment until NET30.

9) Conclusions and sanctions

9.1) Every user account can be suspended or banned if they violate the TOS.
9.2) We can to every time remove money from your account if it violate the TOS
9.3) We can cancel any campaigns or payments requests without warning if your account violate the TOS.
9.4) All sanctions have a reason, but OrganicCPM.com is not liable to notify it to user. 9.5) User could not request any compensation. OrganicCPM has not any duty to send any compensations at all.


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